Апр 18 Thanks to vaccinations, we may provide any services you may need.

Thanks to vaccinations, as of 4/19/2020, we may now provide any in-person services you may need.Feel free to contact eDelta.net at anytime to schedule an appointment within the US. As always, current clients may call, or text, 707-7EDELTA* (707-733-3582*) anytime for urgent needs or questions. You may also email e@edelta.net or open up a ... Читать далее »

Янв 24 Arkansas Accounts

eDelta.net is in the process of transitioning all Arkansas accounts to another company. This acquisition will not affect accounts outside of Arkansas in any way, and there are no plans to make any changes regarding other accounts.  This will not affect services for Arkansas clients, and there will be no disruption of services. We have ... Читать далее »

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